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Pr. Patrick Bastien

Pr. Jean-Pierre Dedet

The Laboratory of Parasitology and Mycology of the Academic Hospital Center (C.H.U.) and
Medical Faculty of the University of Montpellier, directed by Professor Jean-Pierre Dedet between 1991 and 2007, is now headed by Professor Patrick Bastien.

The Laboratory plays three distinct roles : research, teaching, and hospital laboratory diagnosis in Parasitology and Mycology.Moreover, it is :
- A research unit associated to the National Science Research Council (CNRS) : first EP 613 (from 1997 to 1999), then UMR 5093 (from 1999 to 2007), it is today associated to the UMR "MIVEGEC" CNRS 5290 / IRD 224 / UM1 / UM2
- The National Reference Centre for Leishmania (IBiSA since 1998).
- A Biological Resources Center (since 2009).
- The pole "Molecular Biology" of the National Reference Centre for Toxoplasmosis (since 2006)

C N R Leishmania

CNRS 5290 / IRD 224 / UM

Equipes BioGEPPE ("Biologie, Génétique et Pathologie des Pathogènes Eucaryotes") et
GeneSys ("Génétique et biodiversité des Systèmes infectieux")


National Leishmania Reference Centre

Unité mixte de recherche

University Montpellier 1





Hospital diagnostic laboratory

Centre National de Référence
Laboratoire hospitalier

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